Stress and coping

Stress and coping

Stress and coping

Stress is a normal natural reaction of the body to any kind of physical, mental or emotional pressure. Contrary to some popular belief that stress is only caused by pressure of a high workload, any change or challenge in a person’s situation might cause stress: increased worrying for instance, caused by change might lead to stress.
When experiencing stress, chemical changes will occur in the body which in turn may lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, raised glucose levels etc… While this is a normal response of the body in order to cope with the changes or challenges and adjust to new situations, prolonged levels of stress may lead to both physical and emotional problems.

While everyone is subject to stress to some degree in certain periods of time, the way each person responds to stress is highly individual. Numerous factors contribute to coping with stress and it is important to recognize and accept that there is no such thing as one unique advice or strategy that fits all.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, stress has had a big impact on everyone, not only on the senior population but also on children and adolescents. Worry, fear and increased general anxiety added to strict rules of social distancing form the perfect recipe for stress.

Whatever level of stress one perceives, it is important to become aware of it.

There are some interesting and helpful healthy ways to help minimize the impact of prolonged stress. Some of the most acknowledged ones are taking breaks from watching or listening to the constant flood of media information, learning new breathing techniques which can prove extremely helpful in reducing upcoming anxiety attacks, spending time in nature, incorporating physical activity in your daily program, talking to others and many more.

In order to learn to cope with stress it is necessary to be aware of the presence of stress factors, even of small intensity, to acknowledge and accept them and to take action before stress levels start to affect general wellbeing and health.

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