GAAPP and Esperity Launch New Portal to Tackle Chronic Cough and Empower Patients

GAAPP and Esperity Launch New Portal to Tackle Chronic Cough and Empower Patients

In a pivotal advancement for chronic respiratory disease management, the Global Allergy & Asthma Patient Platform (GAAPP) has joined forces with Esperity, a frontrunner in patient-centric healthcare solutions, to introduce a state-of-the-art portal dedicated to chronic cough, with a particular emphasis on refractory chronic cough. This collaboration is set to elevate awareness and enhance outcomes for this underserved patient community by offering comprehensive educational resources and an in-depth Patient Ambassador program.

Chronic cough, characterized as a cough persisting for more than eight weeks, is a widespread issue that affects millions worldwide, severely impacting their quality of life. Refractory chronic cough, which remains unrelieved by medical treatments, poses an even more significant challenge, often leaving patients and healthcare providers in difficult positions.

A central element of the new portal is the opportunity for individuals to become “Patient Ambassadors” through a specialized training program devised in collaboration with GAAPP. This innovative initiative is designed to equip patients to serve as experts and engage in co-creation processes for the development of new medical devices, apps, or medications, providing critical insights into the pressing needs of this patient population.

GAAPP, which represents over 100 patient organizations globally, enhances the patient voice across various type 2 related conditions, including asthma, COPD, and allergies. Esperity’s commitment to enriching patient experiences through educational and technological solutions renders this partnership a formidable force for transformative change.

“By leveraging our collaboration with Esperity, we aim to globally revolutionize chronic cough disease management and foster the development of cutting-edge solutions that effectively support this vulnerable group,” said Ruth Tal-Singer, Chief Scientific Officer at GAAPP.

Mitchell Silva, CEO of Esperity, adds, “This partnership reaffirms our dedication to advancing science-driven tools that not only improve patient journeys but also promote effective shared decision-making between patients, caregivers and physicians.”

This initiative strives not only to bring chronic cough into the spotlight but also to ensure that those living with this challenging condition receive the attention and support they deserve.

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