The mental healths app you should try today

The mental healths app you should try today

Technology is often attributed as a contributing factor to the detriment of one’s mental health. What if we could use it instead to feel better during the day, track our symptoms, and lower our stress-level?

For World Mental Health day, we tried and put together a list of our favorite mental health-friendly apps to help you cope with daily stress:

  • Bearable – track your mood and it’s contributing factors. This can be particularly useful to have a full record of your symptoms to discuss with your doctor, or to analyze which factors can positively/negatively affect your mood. Free and available for Android and iOS.
  • Now one of the most established apps in the market, Headspace offers a guided meditation journey designed to be used on the go, with different levels from beginners to pro. Free download, with an annual subscription option. Currently free for people registered as unemployed in the US. Available for Android and iOS.
  • A personal favorite, Pzizz app is a must for those who need to catch up some deep sleep through the day, or struggle to fall asleep at night. Plug in your headphone and use this sleep hypnosis tool to help you fall asleep – and wake up! – fully rested. Free download, with subscription options. Available for Android and iOS.
  • If you are not new to meditation, Calm might be a better fit. With less structured meditation sessions, visual and breathing exercises, this app offers a variety of options to relax and refresh your mind. Free download, with an annual subscription option. Available for Android and iOS.
  • Do you feel like social media is draining your energy? Check your consumption with ‘StayFree – Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage’, schedule “blocking times” to help you focus and relax, compare your usage through time, and get control of your internet time back. Free, with option to buy ads free version in-app. Available on Android and AppInChina.
  • Meditation options for every taste: DownDog Meditation app allows you to customize your meditation experience, choosing your guiding voice, background music, as well as the time of relaxation experience you’re looking for: it even includes a guided walking meditation! Free to download, with a monthly or annual subscription. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the app is free for a limited amount of time! Available for Android and iOS.
  • Wysa is a friendly AI with a catchy interface and a in-app chat-box that helps you navigate through anxiety and negative thoughts with cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT). Free to use, with the option of buying a subscription for consultation with a real-life therapist. Available for Android and iOS.

And if you prefer to try an ‘old school’ experience, journaling on paper has proven to lower stress and help reducing negative thoughts patterns!

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