HealthCare Heroes Making a Difference!

HealthCare Heroes Making a Difference!

Yesterday, four exceptional teams of students and young professionals presented their innovative projects to a distinguished panel, including the Minister of Health of Belgium, leading physicians, and domain experts.

The standout project, LightHouse, emerged as the winner. This initiative focuses on supporting and preventing mental health challenges among students. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, LightHouse is designed to lower the barriers for students struggling with mental health issues, facilitating their steps towards seeking help.

The Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke emphasized in his talk the crucial role of data in shaping the future of healthcare. He highlighted the importance of integrating various disciplines of healthcare as data sources to develop functional systems that meet high-quality standards in healthcare environments.

A big shoutout to everyone involved! Your entrepreneurial spirit is truly inspiring. A special thanks to AbbVie for organizing this impactful third session of Healthcare Heroes.

Congratulations to the #LightHouse team and the other participating student teams for your remarkable efforts! It was an honor for Esperity & Patient Centrics to serve on the jury, next to imec in Vlaanderen, AUP, VAN | Vlaams Apothekers Netwerk, AUP – Association des Unions de Pharmaciens, Helan. Helemaal welzijn. and Partenamut, and witness the growth of your projects over the past few months. Keep up the excellent work!


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